What are the Best Air Filters for Your Home? Plants.

Plants that Purify

Plants have a measurable beneficial effect on people: by growing plants, we can relieve stress, create calming living environments, improve physical and mental well-being, purify the air and add a decorative and (sometimes) edible element to our spaces.

Collection of the Four Best Clean Air Plants for Your Home

Start your own indoor air pollution brigade with this Collection of the 4 best clean air plants for your home, from Amazon.com.

Houseplants that Improve Indoor Air Quality 

In the 1980s, NASA discovered that houseplants could remove volative organic chemicals (VOCs) from sealed chambers designed to achieve maximum air and energy insulation. NASA tested the ability of plants to remove VOCs from the air and therefore eliminate the ‘sick building syndrome’ symptoms experienced by those entering the sealed biohome; see a related study here on the effects of indoor plants on airborne microbial levels and humidity in energy-efficient homes [pdf]. The studies were a success: 12 common houseplants removed formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene, among other airborne toxins, and proved that plants are integral components to maintaining healthy air inside sealed buildings (interior plantscapers and houseplant growers everywhere rejoiced.).

Top 50 Houseplants [Listed in Order of the Plant’s Ability to Remove Formaldehyde (toxic gas) from the Environment]:

Boston fern

Florist’s mum

Gerbera daisy

Dwarf date palm

Janet Craig

Bamboo Palm

Kimberley queen fern

Rubber plant

English ivy

Weeping fig

Peace lily

Areca palm

Corn plant

Lady palm


Dragon tree


Lily turf

Dendrobium orchid

Dumb cane (Exotica)


Ficus alii

King of hearts

Parlor palm


Chinese evergreen

Spider plant


Red emerald philodendron

Dumb cane (Camilla)

Elephant ear philodendron

Golden pothos

Norfolk Island pine

Wax begonia

Prayer plant

Oak leaf ivy

Christmas cactus

Lacy tree philodendron

Arrowhead vine

Heart-leaf philodendron

Lady Jane

Peacock plant



Moth orchid

Urn plant


Snake plant

Aloe vera