Areca Palm

By Plant Liker •  Updated: 06/23/14 •  1 min read

areca plant air purifier

Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)

Main Benefits:

Consistently rated among the best houseplants for removing all indoor air toxins tested.

When selecting an Areca palm, look for plants with larger-caliber trunks at their base. Plants with stems under an inch in diameter are difficult to maintain.

A faster-growing palm that releases moisture into the air, removes chemical toxins, and has the unique ability to move salt accumulations to selected branches (when saturated, these branches die; remove them quickly).



Keep the root ball damp.

Fertilize regulary except in winter.

Mist regularly and water frequently. This vase-shaped plant prefers a humid room and likes to be pruned regularly.

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