Christmas Cactus = Better Than Poinsettia

By Plant Liker •  Updated: 12/22/20 •  3 min read

Move over poinsettia, and make way for Christmas cactus!

There is nothing wrong with the poinsettia as a classic Christmas plant, with its green and red colourings, but why follow the crowd when you can revert to the original classic Christmas plant — the aptly named Christmas cactus?

Poinsettias are Wonderful, But Have Downsides

Christmas Cactus is a Great Contender for Best Holiday Plant

Christmas cactus, on the other hand, is an equally lovely plant, with staying power. These plants live for YEARS and give beautiful yellow blooms.

Recommended pro care tips: Through spring and summer, place the Christmas cactus in an east-facing window, watering every two weeks or so. In early October, take the plant and place it in the corner of a garage or room where it will be ignored but protected from frost. In early December, put the plant back in the east-facing window and resume its watering schedule. Ta-da! Blooms galore to enjoy in time for Christmas.

Multiply the Joy

If one plant is not enough, you can buy more or propagate new ones by taking short cuttings from the fresh new growth of healthy stems with a sharp knife.

Place a cluster of four or five stems in a four-inch diameter pot filled with sharp sand.

Water frequently, making sure the sand stays damp.

Within a few weeks, cuttings should have short while roots that ought to be transplanted in a new four-inch diameter pot and filled with potting soil.

You may pot all the cuttings together in one pot (spaced out appropriately) to ensure dense growth.

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