Dumb Cane Camilla

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Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia camilla)

dumb cane camilla purifies indoor air of toxic gases

Main Points:

This is a popular variety whose foliage often provides as much colour as other flowering plants’ blooms. Its broad, green with white or yellow marbled-patterned leaves enable this plant to transpire effectively, thus providing dry rooms with fresh, moist air.

This plant, like the other Dumb Cane, “Exotica Compacta“, contains calcium oxalate — ingesting it will render the unfortunate soul unable to speak, possibly for days.

Camilla tolerates low-light conditions but prefers bright light in view of a window, but away from a draft. If given too little light, the plant will grow pale.


Semi-sun to semi-shade.

Keep the soil moist with soft water (rainwater). Water with a diluted liquid fertilizer throughout the spring and summer. Water sparingly in the winter but mist often year-round.

Leaves will drop if left in the cold (down to 46 F) for too long.

Grow in 3-parts leaf-mold to 1-part potting soil, or in a hydroculture setup. 

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