Dwarf Banana

By Plant Liker •  Updated: 06/25/14 •  1 min read

Dwarf Banana (Musa cavendishii) 

dwarf banana plants purify indoor air of toxic gases

Main Points: 

For a sunny room and tropical look, the shiny-leafed Dwarf Banana might be the exotic plant you were looking for your entire life. If you like short-term arrangements, that is — the Dwarf Banana’s beautiful leaves split easily, giving the plant a ragged look that you might be embarrassed to show your friends and family.

Not the easiest houseplant to maintain, the Dwarf Banana likes a tropical atmosphere: somewhere warm, humid and bright. Its huge leaves provide the air with lots of moisture over the winter, which is much needed in a centrally heated home.


Full sun to semi-shade.

Keep constantly moist, but remove standing water. Fertilize with every watering except in the winter.

Pot in a 12-inch diameter container in equals parts potting soil and peat moss. It needs less watering and repotting when grown in hydroculture.

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