Heart-Leaf Philodendron

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Heart-Leaf Philodendron (Philodendron oxycardium)

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Main Points:

This popular, deep green heart-shaped leafy plant is an avid climber, reaching lengths of 6 feet if left to explore your livingroom. It is a slow-grower in low-light conditions, but commonly gains 1 or 2 feet in a month in a warm, humid environment with sufficient light.

Always give the plant a support, either a stake or some nails on the wall to guide its growth.

Tolerates low-light conditions (more light is preferable), is relatively resistant to insects, and easy to grew for beginners.

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Semi-shade to shade.

To create a bushier vining plant, pinch off the tips of the new growth regularly.

If you want to take cuttings from your philodendron, choose a piece of stem with a few leaves attached, then simply stick the cutting in some moist soil. Alternatively, place a cutting in some water for a month or so until several roots form. 

Mist often and wipe leaves with a damp cloth regularly. For large plants, feed every two weeks through March to September with a full-fertilizer. For small plants, feed with a weak solution of fertilizer. Water less often in the winter.  Roots might rot if soil conditions are too cold and wet for long.

Grow in standard potting soil in a standard container or hanging basket, or in a hydroculture setup. Philodendrons are happy being potbound, so no need to repot.

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