Lily Turf

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Lily Turf (Liriope spicata) 

lily turf creeping lily purify indoor air of toxic gases

Main Points: 

You might recognize Lily Turf from other popular scenery, such as in outdoor displays as border grass, as edging for rock gardens, and in various extensive uses by commercial interior plantscapers.

The mature plant reaches a height of about 1 to 1 1/2 feet and produces flowers of white and lavender in summer.

A good plant to have around if you need to remove excess ammonia from the air. 


Semi-sun to semi-shade.

To propagate Lily Turf, separate one of its underground runners at any time of the year. 

Lily Turf does not like air that is too dry; pests are a symptom of air that is too dry. 

This plant needs water. Keep the soil moist. Feed monthly with fertilizer except during the few months of winter.

Plant in loose-mix potting soil to ensure good drainage, or grow in hydroculture for less watering maintenance. 

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