Oakleaf Ivy

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Oakleaf Ivy (Cissus rhombifolia “Ellen Danika”) 

oakleaf ivy purifies indoor air of toxic gases

Main Points: 

This vining plant, particularly the compact cultivar “Ellen Danika”, is a popular sight in hanging baskets in public buildings. It is easy to grow and can withstand a bit of office-level neglect.

This ivy likes a trellis and is a fast-growing air-purifying plant. The larger the plant and the more space the plant has to climb, the greater the surface area of its leaves and the greater potential for filtering the air. To maintain the plant’s thickness and prevent a straggly appearance, pinch off growing tips every so often. 


Semi-sun to semi-shade. 

Spider mites might descend upon this ivy if the air is too warm, and fungus might overtake the stem if soil is too wet, especially in the winter months.  

During the growing season in spring to summer, keep the soil moist and feed with a weak fertilizer at each watering. Let the top of the soil dry between waterings. 

Hydroculture is the preferred growing method for Oakleaf Ivy, as less frequent watering reminders are necessary. If potting, use an all-purpose potting soil.

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