Parlor Palm

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Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea elegans) – A Good Office Plant

parlor palm purifies indoor air of toxic gases

Main Points:

The Parlor palm, more delicate than other palms, can reach a height of 6 feet, but is a slow-grower and can withstand the neglect of living in your office. So look no further if you’ve been checking out good office plants — the parlor palm is indestructible.

Despite its delicate appearance, this plant is tolerant of the commonly low-light and dry air conditions of office environments.

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Semi-sun to semi-shade.

Overwatering will lead to root rot and spider mite infestations.

Do not prune this plant (it has a terminal bud / single point of growth), but do cut off its flowers to prevent the explostion of pollen into your productivity chambers. 

Mist often. Keep the roots moist but not soggy, and feed every three to four weeks through March to September with a weak solution of fertilizer.  

Grow in standard potting soil or hydroculture. 

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