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Syngonium (Syngonium podophyllum), AKA arrowhead vine, white butterfly or goosefoot plant

arrowhead vine purifies indoor air of toxic gases

Main Points:

These 30 distinct cultivars are attractive plants known by a variety of common names (arrowhead vine, white butterfly or goosefoot plant), easy to grow and resistant to insect infestations.

Arrowhead vine’s young leaves are long and arrow-shaped. With age, the leaves evolve into 3- to 5-lobed stars.

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Semi-sun to shade.

Wipe leaves every once in awhile to remove dust buildup. 

Pinch back the new shoots to cultivate a bushier plant appearance. Syngonium plants love humidity and frequent misting. They are at home in hanging baskets, but ensure you rotate the basket to ensure even growth.

Keep the soil moist but not soggy, and feed regularly through the spring and summer with a complete fertilizer. Allow the top soil to dry between waterings in winter. Mist often, and do not feed in winter.

Grow in standard potting soil or hydroculture. Grown in hydroculture, they rarely require repotting.

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